– Series of Haikus –



are our memory of the blissful

Oyster Bake night.



Ice cream drips

from your lips, makes me lean

towards your exotic embrace.



Down Memory LN.

through my demons and deep scars,

I drag my last limb.



My midnight thinking

has me tossing and turning:

I made a mistake.






Traveling Summer 2017

Summer has begun, the hot sizziling heat begins to deydrate me as once again I arrive in my hometown: Arizona.

Although I have not seen my family in months, my trip back home was only a short one.

I went home to surprise my sister who was being promoted from middleschool to highschool, and restricted myself from posting my trip on sicoal media.

I was anxious to see my family but extatic to surprise my baby sister.
I spent time with my family and friends during my stay. Ate at new resturants, went to the mall, and even went to the famous First Friday event with my sister.

Overall, my three week stay in Arizona was fun but my summer was about to get busy with some more traveling.

As my Arizona trip came to end, I was sad to have to leave my family but excited for my next trip.
The next trip I took was from Arizona to Ohio to visit my boyfriend and his friend doing research. The trip was tiring, irritating, and long. I had three two connecting flights and the trip was going to take all day. However, the hope that I would see my boyfriend was keeping me sane and patiently taking the punches the trip was throwing at me.

After my short stay in Ohio, I was anxiously waiting to visit Vermont. I was heading to Middlebury to emerge myself into the beautiful language of Portuguese. Wish me luck!

IMG_2179           IMG_2181


Zucchini Lasagna

Today, my friend and I decided to make this yummy lasagna (right) with a regular cheese one (left).

I was pursuing through Pinterest for a lasagna recipe to make and the sound of a total veggie lasagna sounded like an incredible idea to my friend.

At first I was a little skeptical about replacing the pasta with zucchini on one of my favorite dishes, however, I decided it would be a great experience to try it out. And so I did!

The recipe my friend and I took inspiration from  was one found on Gina Homolka‘s blog. Gina has a great blog with many delicious recipes and ideas that a cooking enthusiasts like myself would be a fool not to visit her page again for dish ideas.

Although I did like Gina’s recipe, I alternated it to reflect my own diet and what I had at hand in the kitchen.

I took the idea from Gina’s recipe to replace the pasta with (our attempt of) zucchini slices, but as for the rest of the recipe itself I kind of mostly winged it from my prior experience of making lasagna. We also did not grill out zucchini slices because we did not have a grill in hand, but that still did not stop us.

We decided to substitute the meat in Gina’s recipe with some vegetables. This included sliced tomatoes, some chopped spinach, and the leftover zucchini that I chopped up.

Eventually, we put all the ingredients together!!

We followed Gina’s cooking instructions for both lasagna’s , and they came out sizzling and filling the whole kitchen with their delicious smell.

Overall, the experience  and task of making this lasagna was fun and rewarding. It tasted exquisite; the tomato added a lot of taste and the zucchini itself gave my favorite dish an unexpected twist. I will definitely try this dish again.